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Enrolling with a kit is the smartest way to begin your essential oil journey! I have highlighted some of MY favorite kits below for all needs and budgets. Choose the kit best for you and get started with Essential Oils TODAY!

Natural Solutions Kit

**Most Popular and Most Well Rounded Kit**

Retail: $733.33

Wholesale: $550.00  

400 PV +100 FREE Product Credits*

Start at 15% Rewards

SAVE $220

It’s no accident that the Natural Solutions kit is by far the most POPULAR enrollment kit, and consequently, has everything you need to make a huge shift towards a path of wellness! This kit is an economical one-stop-shop to get you started with oils, supplements, personal care items, and toxin-free versions of your most used home products. Click HERE to see what’s included!

Diamond Kit

**Best Value for Complete Wellness Overhaul**

Retail: $3,333.33

Wholesale: $2,500.00

2,000PV +400 FREE Product Credits*

Start at 25% Rewards

SAVE $794

If you want to blaze down the path to wellness at full speed, rather that going at a more leisurely pace, then the Diamond Kit is for you! This is also a great kit if you need instantly shift your life over to a natural-based and toxin free environment. Nearly every product that dōTERRA makes is in the Diamond Kit! Click HERE to see what’s included!

Every Oil Kit

**The Complete Collection for Every Concern**

Retail: $2,433.33

Wholesale: $1,825

1425 PV +200 FREE Product Credits*

Start at 20% Rewards

SAVE $311.15

Are you in LOVE with the oils and want to start strong? Look no further! The Every Oil Kit is just that: a kit with EVERY OIL that dōTERRA sells! This kit makes it easy to build your oil knowledge and personally experience the effects of the abundant benefits of dōTERRA essential oils. Click HERE to see what’s included!

Home Essentials Kit

**Basic Body Systems Support**



Retail: $366.67

Wholesale: $275 

225 PV

SAVE $86

The Home Essentials Kit is great for someone just starting out! It comes with a 4 hour diffuser and our top ten oils. Every oil in this kit is included for its ability to support a specific body system. These oils support your cells, immune system, respiratory system, digestion, detoxification, muscles and joints, sleep, and a whole host of emotional roots.

When starting with this kit, we always recommend adding the vitamins: Lifelong Vitality Pack plus Terrazyme, PB assist, and Mito2Max or Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex (or both). Together with the vitamins, you have a full system support in place!

Add the Emotional Aromatherapy Rollerball Set for only $100 more and turn the Family Essentials Kit into a complete tool box!

Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit

**Entry Level Aromatherapy**


Retail: $259.93

Wholesale: $195 

145 PV

SAVE $46

When this kit came on the scene, our ENTIRE LIFE SHIFTED! We say that in complete truth. In the past, when dealing with lots of different emotions, it used to be necessary to have a book and at least a basic knowledge of oil blending. Recipes found online or on Pinterest were either wildly inappropriate as far as dilution or usage, or they were just not helpful. Many oils were wasted making blends that didn’t work exactly as hoped.

Diffuser blends are super fun, and while I enjoy mixing up a good blend, I also really like the convenience of grabbing a bottle and turning the diffuser on.

These oils changed all of that. Included in the kit is the Emotional Wheel; simply locate the emotions you are having that you want to shift, and it tells you exactly what to use. The oils In the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit are for aromatic and topical use; if internal usage isn’t your thing, this kit doesn’t even allow for it! Click HERE to see what’s included!

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If someone other than myself has been talking oils with you, or sent you here to check out the kits, please refer back to them before enrolling with me. You will need to go to their personal shop, and enter their personal number if they are going to get the credit for sharing oils with you.

Step 2: Select “Wholesale Prices” and then hit continue. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you. But if not, enter 1810636 in both boxes and the name should come up as “Michelle Baas”.

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Step 6: Contact me:! I can’t wait to connect with you help you gain knowledge & excitement about your new oils!

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