Essential Oils for Kids


Since I introduced essential oils into my home, we do not go a single day without using them.  Our lives have been completely transformed and our health is better than ever.  We have a diffuser in every room of our home, and we are constantly inhaling aromas that are supportive to our mood, and our immune system.  If someone comes down with a cough, we may add oils to support the respiratory system, but that is a rare occasion these days.  We have a morning routine that includes applying oils topically to help bring energy, uplift our mood and get the day started right.  We use essential oils throughout the day as things come up and then we always use essential oils at night to unwind.  I massage grounding oils that help to calm and relax the central nervous system to help our bodies turn off and sleep easy.  Just check out this incredible video with all the ways you can use doTERRA products in your home to support your children.

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