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Placenta Encapsulation

 Placenta encapsulation is the most popular method of consuming the placenta in order to support a mother and her newborn baby through the postpartum period. The placenta is dehydrated, ground into a powder and then placed into a capsule to be taken as a daily supplement. Depending on the size of the placenta it is possible to receive approximately 150-200 capsules from the encapsulation process. The most important time to offer additional support while recovering from childbirth is the first two weeks. This is because it takes that long for the pituitary gland to begin producing and releasing the necessary hormones to balance the mood, produce and release breastmilk, heal and repair tissue, and bond with the newborn baby. This number of capsules will be able to offer support to the mother well beyond that amount of time. Consuming the placenta in pill form allows the mother a convenient way to gradually raise her hormone levels over the first few weeks.
You are able to choose between two different methods of preparation for your placenta.  Those methods are:
  • Traditional Chinese Method
  • Raw Method
To learn more about the different options of placenta preparation click HERE.
To learn more about the science behind placentophagy, click HERE!


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